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Hooping ~ Morgan Bay Cliffs

June 21, 2011

The tall green hill-cliffs of Morgan Bay are the precursor to the glorious green hills and cliffs of the Transkei / Wild Coast just across the Kei River.  I love!

We arrived early on a Saturday, my main cohorts, Hayden (our neighbour, friend and road trip partner #1 on the right), Jean (the love of my life and journey-mate for the very present present) and I.

The “boys” and their cameras.

I always take spare hoops because invariably someone else wants to play too.  Spontaneous, informal lessons follow.  And Jean practices poi.

Aren’t the colours so pretty?

Our friend, Brent, was amongst the hooping converts.  Haha, you must watch the short clip of his first attempts.  😀  Priceless!

Music:  Die Antwoord, “Beat Boy”.

Jean does his “Ok, I’ll pose with my girlfriend and look sweet and loving thing.”  He did try.  😀

Isn’t our world wonderful?


Wii U

June 16, 2011

Wow Yay  😀

The technology of toys… awesome!

Beautiful Sky Billionaires

June 16, 2011

Wow, we are so rich in beautiful skies!

Even though I’ve exercised unusual restraint in choosing which to share with you, still this post is a glut of skies ~ as viewed from our front door.  None of these photos has been manipulated in any way.  Enjoy!  🙂


Panorama ~

~ pink-streaked  Spring sky.

Clouds of gold, of gods ~ a biblical sky.

Gold & silver linings.

Blue sky enough to make a sailor a pair of pants.

V for me.


Red sky at night, our delight.

Summer sun sets southerly.

God-rays, different days.

A soft, cuddly, teased cotton wool sunset.

Cold, curly clouds.

More gold.

Pick a colour, any colour.

Shades of grey.

Blur of blue.

Cloud creatures.
Watch out, small cloud!  Big cloud monster coming in from the left!

Run, run, small cloud!  Nom, nom!

Crouching cloud.  Or hand-held mushroom cloud.  Or something like that.

Rearing cloud.

Really, it’s hard to know when to stop, haha…  Some more from the back door ~

Cloud birds.

Horned cloud.

There is just so much sky ~ which is lucky for me since sky is one of my favourite things.  😀
Totally not random:

Music~Movement Treasure

May 10, 2011

I’ve been quiet on the blogging front since starting my new job ~ away from my home (and my PC! 😮 ) the whole day, imagine!  Haha!  😀    It’s all good (and more about that soon… – ish).

In the meantime, my perfect post must be this:  music-movement treasure!

The best thing (one of) about good friends is the way in which they enrich your life with their experience and perspective in their particular ways.  I arrived home on Friday from work to find our DJ friend, Paul Chaves (Chavez) visiting.  We haven’t seen him for weeks and he came with music and music videos and videos and nachos snacks.  Yay!  So I have to share my joy:  music and prettiness for you to enjoy too.

First, a Fat By Slim track ~  I love that his feel-good, happy personality translates to happy, good-to-listen-and-move-to tunes ~ PLUS PLUS it’s a hooping video ~ awesome!

Fatboy Slim – That Old Pair of Jeans

And I love, love, love this track and video – the rhythms, colours, concept, dancing, humour ~ extra awesome!

Basement Jaxx – Take Me Back To Your House

And for pure fun, bassy beats and big smiles…

Mr Oizo – Flat Beat

Amongst some others, these have have been on a repeat playlist since.  Hope you enjoy too.  🙂  XXX

The Puffiest, Most Well-padded Djembe Drum Bag Ever

March 28, 2011

Andrea Dobi (rellocating back to Germany) asked if I’d make a backpack-type bag for her precious djembe drum.  It’s being shipped and she wanted to be sure it would be well protected.  Since I like to make things, of course I said “yes, sure”.  I love the logic and creative challenge of drawing up patterns, figuring out a method and the process of construction.  In some ways I like this more than “pretty” sewing.  Unfortunately (depending on your perspective) I also like to make things very well, and so sometimes, as in this case, the project can take quite a long time – and although I gained immense satisfaction from the completion of the final product (I really am very proud of this bag), I doubt I will ever make another …  except as a gift for our friend, Hayden (and only because I’ve already promised and because he is so kind and generous!).  🙂

Here it is:  the puffiest, most well-padded djembe drum bag ever!  It is custom-made to fit Andrea’s drum with shaped panels.  I used waterproof backpack fabric for the outside (in olive green since she wanted an earthy colour).  The interior lining is a soft but strong, smooth shower-proof fabric.  The padding is double-layered:  thick batting on the outside and carpeting on the inside.  If this were not enough I decided to make an extra, loose cushion to fit between the lid and the skin for extra protection with X-ray sheet between the two layers of padding which should help deflect pointed objects.  I appliqued the shape of Africa on the cushion in an embroidered suede fabric with satin stitch – just because, for decoration and because, of course, I love Africa.  The bag has a pocket for wallet, cellphone, etc on the front, because Andrea asked and because I can.

I wanted to be very sure that the bag be strong because the drum is quite heavy and so went to some trouble to reinforce any load-bearing areas.  The backpack straps are inserted into a seam between two parts of the back panel and double stitched by machine and then again by hand with nylon thread.  At this stage I broke 3 machine needles in about the same number of minutes due to the thickness.  The black tape over the seam is cosmetic only.  Then I hand stitched the handles again through the thickness of all the layers after  joining the outside layers to the inside.

The webbing parts of the backpack straps are attached to the double-padded parts through all the layers, machine-stitched with nylon thread and, at the bottom, are inserted into the side panel seams via a triangular shaped reinforcing.  These straps are adjustable.  I added an adjustable chest strap to stabilise the bag.  This strap has a buckle clip to close it and elastic sewn in for tautness.

To make it easier to lift when not carrying the bag on one’s back and to reduce strain on the backpack straps I added a handle on each side.  I used a piece of 15mm polycop pipe for each handle, covered in carpet and backpack fabric for comfort.  The nylon webbing goes through the pipe and is attached through the thickness of all the layers with nylon thread.

The lid closes with a nylon zip with double zip runners and is attached to the bag with nylon webbing at the back.  To protect the drum skin from the zip I added a padded lip to the lid.

It was an at-times difficult project that involved some brain-puzzlement and occasional swearing 😉 but well worth the challenge to my maker skills.  I’m ecstatic with the results!  🙂  Isn’t is awesome?

Unwrapping her Birthday Gift

March 27, 2011

Since my little friend, Emily (daughter of our best friend and neighbour, Hayden) lives between two homes, it was only today that I could present her with the birthday gift I made.  Isn’t she so sweet?  🙂

Morning Glory

March 27, 2011

On the Sunshine Coast (sun, forests and surf) of South Africa, seasonal changes are not apparent in the same way as in the Northern Hemisphere.  For one, we’re all tipsy turvy and enjoy Christmas on the beach.  And for another, “Fall” doesn’t “fall” but rather hangs on, so to speak – greenly.

In my experience it’s like this:  Spring shows in bursts of Jasmine blossoms in my garden in particular and generous green growth in general.  As Summer warms our Southern hemisphere of the Earth, I watch and wait for the progression of flowering of various plant genera in my garden and throughout our town:  patches and drifts of time-based colour, starting with the startling orange-reds of our indigenous Coral trees (Erythrina).  Autumn is time for indigenous plants like blue Barleria (bush violets) and fiery orange Tecoma Capensis (Cape honeysuckle) in the veld (I love!); and in the forests,  Plectranthus,  beneath green trees, big bushes bearing feathery blue-purple flowering spikes; and the ground-cover species, closer to the earth, more of the same, smaller, in white.  Winter is the time for tall seeding veld grasses turning ever creamer, paler and fuzzier, blurring and softening the edges – oh, so soft and pretty.

Behind our house and outside our bathroon window is a narrow dirt alley garden with an impressive Delicious Monster in the corner.  Each Summer I watch as small seedlings from the previous year’s spectacle of Morning Glory (Convolvulaceae) shoot up and wind and climb and twine up the wall, entangling themselves in a gloriously profuse mess of furry tendrils, heart-shaped leaves and the most incredible display of blues and purples amongst the lush, jungle greens.

Isn’t the colour range within one blossom astoundingly beautiful?

And now I think I might need to find some long sleeves, and maybe even re-visit my sock drawer, oh and maybe another beer (seasonally non-specific 😉 ).