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“The Search”

September 19, 2010

My very talented & hardworking boyfriend Jean has just finished the artwork for The Search, a comic book collaboration with Marcel Izidoro (Brazil).  Wow, well done, it’s Beautiful! 🙂

I designed a font especially for The Search – my very first font!  Who would have thought it would take so long to make 26 X 2 letters.  Fun!  Not quite a font geek, but kerning makes me happy. 😉

And I designed this little border:

Oh, the “Editing by Vanessa” on the title page is a mistake.

From Marcel’s blog, Marlucco Log.

The Search – Illustrated Tale #1

It’s finally here.

The first ever complete Izidoro/Roux collaboration, now free for all.

Go on read it. I’ll be quiet until you do.

The Search

I really hope you, dear reader, is now ready to fall in love again (if you isn’t, already).

If you liked this and want to have it a printed version, wait a couple of weeks and we’ll have a surprise for you!

Stay tuned for the next Illustrated Tales!

All is fair, in love and war,


Ps: Para os leitores que falam português, na história tem uma referencia a uma banda pop/rock brasileira. Quem falar antes quem é a banda e qual é a música, ganhara uma prenda!

Pps: There’s people who want to download this, but don’t want to log in into Scribd. For them, here’s a direct download link for the PDF of the comic.

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