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Blaze Firedancing School: Poi Workshop, Hogsback

October 15, 2010

Back in the Winter it was time to get away, at the same time levelling up our students with some concentrated poi spinning.  So we headed for the mountains at Hogsback in the Eastern Cape, just 150km from East London.


We arrived on the Friday evening at Away with the Fairies Backpackers & lit up at soccer half-time.

On Saturday we walked to the beautiful Madonna & Child Waterfall (the short route this time as we had to get back in time for our first class of the day.)  I took along some flag poi & ribbon poi for a photo op.  It was tricky getting everyone into this shot, precariously balanced on the available rocks.  “Just stand on that rock there and you on that rock and …”   “Say what?  And spin poi?  And not fall off?”  “Yes.”

Can you see the “Madonna” and “Child”?

Back at the backpackers we had our first class:  I taught 40 min of Compound Circle: Normal Flowers (notes & illustrations here) – this was a crash course to give students lots to take home & practice. Jean taught isolations for the last 20min – an introduction to whet the appetite & give keen & persevering students something to work on.

After this, we were on mission to find snow before the next class. Yay!

Wow, who would have thought snow could be so much fun?  It had snowed on Wednesday & we’d got mixed reports about whether or not there was any left.  We could see it on the mountain tops but wanted to get our hands into it.  Just a short drive out of Hogsback, toward Cathcart, we got lucky.  Snowballs, more snowballs, bigger snowballs!   I think I got snowball arm.   Oh and snow angels!  And of course a small snowman of sorts but he/she just got out of hand & quickly ended up a victim of more snowballs.   (A note to those of you who live in silly-cold countries and for whom this is normal:  this is the second time I’ve been in snow, and for some of the others, the very first time!  Woohoo! :-))  Eventually we had to make our way back for the next class.

The second class: Jean taught butterfly turns for 40min followed by my 20 minute introduction to anti-spin.

After this, with the sun going down, I helped Mary from Cape Town with “Chasing the Sun”, a move she had been wanting to learn.  All in all everyone had a fantastic time & learned so much.  We were 11 from EL & 4 who are living/staying in Hogsback.  We love it!  Poi and teaching poi is our passion! 🙂

Sunday was for hiking up & down mountain-sides, through gloriously green forest & for sitting on The Edge, literally, admiring spectacular views.  Next time can’t come too soon.  Goodbye Hogsback & thank you to everyone involved – we miss you already!  (Video here.)


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  1. March 13, 2011 4:07 am

    How do I become involved? poi is my life and fire dancing is my passion i want to teach and to some how make a living doing the thing i love the most.. any advice for a fellow dancer? im in idaho falls id and would move anywhere to find work throwing

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