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A Food that begins with a “V”

October 21, 2010

Initially it was my intention to start a health blog:  “Deliciously Healthy”.

Even to say that in the past tense is weird and a possible proof of reincarnation (within the same life.  I’ve done that once.  Isn’t life strange  and marvelous?).

Well, for various real reasons and also not, relatively, necessarily very reasonable and relevant reasons, I have been sustaining on a diet of toast through the Winter (… and beer :-P).

The other evening, my poi student, Karen, whom I converted to eating raw foods, asked “but why?’, etc.

So for supper, I prepared, instead of the as-ubiquitous-as-hadedas toast which Jean had already toasted:   vegetables, chopped – yes, actually there were some vegetables in the fridge (to be honest I don’t know where they came from) –  cauliflower, green beans, carrots, radish, green pepper, grated ginger, coriander seeds, fennel seeds  & curry powder – sauted/steamed, quick.

Then didn’t feel much like eating.  It is perversely strange.  If you knew me better you would know how strange ( …um, just take a look at my blogroll).

And while I can’t say I exactly enjoyed the meal-moment (as I have done so fervently and often in the past), mostly because my mouth was burning too much – why would I have put chilli sauce on my curry?  I’m puzzled – it is good to know that I at least fed myself food which could transorm into energy.  And the beans squeaked!  😀

Woohoo!  Haha.

… So, this “Food that begins with a “V”.

My friend Angie (who I told you left me/East London for Johannesburg) and I chat every weekday via gtalk.

12:23 me: Hey. How are you?
12:24 angie: good and you?
me: Better now, eating lunch. Phew been busy. what has your day been like?
12:25 angie: ag its been same old hey
whats for lunch?
me: samp & beans
do you have plans for your birthday tomorrow?
12:27 angie: I dont know – depends on what Lisa feels like,….
12:28 me: what does the birthday girl feel like?
angie: going out to dance
me: cool!
angie: and eating cake
I ordered two cakes
me: Yum!
What kind?
angie: lemon orange cake
12:29 and carrot cake
me: mmm… good!
angie: Uh huh
12:30 me: Lisa is excited about the present she bought for you. She messaged to ask if I thought you will like it. I think you will. 🙂
angie: I told her not to buy me anything…what did she get me a yoga mat?
12:31 or a dire straights cd?
or jumper cxables for my car?
or a arty something
me: no. no. no. no. & no more hints 😉
angie: hhm u suck
12:32 me: no, you suck, Angielicker, haha [that’s another story… maybe]
angie: i lick
me: yes
angie: yes
12:33 me: I’m trying to take a break & read the new chapter of One Piece but the internet is slow. I think I’m going to eat some more s&b just because I can. Sorry, are you busy?
12:34 angie: no im not busy what is s&b?
me: samp & beans – lazy typer [at least it wasn’t toast]
angie: oic
12:35 I had b&b&s&cc&mv
12:36 me: banana & blueberries & sherbert & coconut creams & marshamallow (something or others that starts with a v)?
angie: oh and a&y
12:37 almost
More like
me: apples & yam?
angie: Beetroot
and butternut
and spaghetti
and cottage cheese
apples and yoghurt
Oh and mixed veg
what did she get me?
12:38 huh huh huh?
me: a&y?
angie: apple and yoghurt
me: oooooohhhhhhh
angie: yeeeeeeeeeeeees
me: I couldn’t think of something starting with a “v” that was food – good grief! what’s wrong with my brain?
angie: huh?

Angie got, from lisa: “the Micheal Jackson DVD ‘this is it’… will she like it????? (Dont tell her!!!)”

She loves it!
Why?  Good grief, I don’t know! 🙂
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