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Plushies to Paint to Paper

October 22, 2010

Pooped, post-plushie production, I proceeded to paint.

(Plushie pics & painting process following promptly.)

After a marathon three hours non-stop paint to completion and with the pointless, recurring thought, “I am a painting zombie” echoing through my zombie head, I made my way to the couch with a pile of old National Geographic magazines.

Later, I rose, unzombified, with a very specific desire to create a paper toy.

Perusing multiple paper craft sites yielded many “oohs!” and “Damn! Cute!” and “Fuck, that’s taking it to another level!”

Paper Porn:  simple, simply gorgeous, little box toys; intricately detailed paper scale scupltures; origami; `paper engineering’ and `folding mechanisms’, graceful, complex shapes unfolding, transforming, unfurling, receding; movable books, transformations, tunnel books, volvelles, flaps, pull-tabs,  pop-outs, pull-downs, POP-UPS!!!

Paper Toys & Scupltures

Sources (with more toys/models & downloadable pdfs):

Articulated Paper Toy

by Keith Newstead:

Origami Fireworks

by Yami Yamauchi:

Pop-Up Paper Sculptures

by Peter Dahmen:

Pop-Up Book

by Marion Bataille:


Now to design & create more of my own.  😀

See also:

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