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Mel [tech poi vid 2010] Red Pants

October 24, 2010

Here is Mel, otherwise referred to in our home as “that little Russian bastard” ;-), in his new tech poi video, 2010.  Be amazed!

From his YouTube Channel,  Meelosapiens:

About Me:

The Russians are coming! Are you scared? 😀

I am a performer of FireKast show group.
A creator of non-official community – Anti-spinners.
Teacher of Anti-spinners school.

And my name is Ivan Gorbunov.
But all my friends call me Mel.

No eat, no drink, no sleep, no fuck…
Hometown: Saint-Petersburg
Country: Russia
Occupation: poi, staff, double staff, juggling, contact juggling, OBJECT MANIPULATIONS

And just for fun:  Firestarter vs Mel. Fire Battle.  Spin Party III

It’s what it says:  a fire poi battle between Mel and his friend Firestarter – haha!  🙂  We’re assuming that’s snow and not sand.

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