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Green is The Colour of Spring

October 25, 2010

Green brings joy to my heart.  To see the grass puffing out in green tufts again after it’s Winter onslaught of drought & dashing dogs, is just wonderful!  🙂

Jasmin is the scent of Spring – arriving with a burst, of blue skies and balmy weather, gentleness and optimism – awesome!  Then the rain started:  cleansing and refreshing – extra awesome!  – new green growth shooting out all around.  This is some of my favourite weather, when the sky is uniformly bright-nearly-white-grey, deepening & brightening the wet, glistening greens of shrubbery and grass – so, so pretty – very gentle and calm at times and then at others, mostly, now, blustery and blowy.

Ok, to be honest I don’t always like the wind, especially the relentless wind and the very very gusty wind.  And wow the air moves around a lot here.  Friends and family in Johannesburg don’t miss the wind but when I’m there the air is so still I wonder what it is I’m breathing, the air seems to have no substance and life.  Surely air moves?  My range of reactions to the wind, from intolerance and irritation to immersing myself in it’s wildness provides interesting feedback to my state of being.  Today it is blowing in gusts and moaning in swooshes and hushes then falling quiet and lifting again, buffetting the greenery on both sides of my window views – and I feel at peace.  Wind is the movement of Spring.

I’d go on to say that hadedas are the sound of Spring, but, damn, hadedas are the sound of all-year-round.  😛

Green – I’m really feeling it.  The time is right to incorporate this Spring cleansing and refreshing into my body with greens.  Green Smoothie Revolution time!  Because as you know, I need it.  🙂

So as soon as this wet, very rainy rain stops, I’m in the garden, collecting greens to make the season’s first green smoothie.  🙂

For How to make a green smoothie and anything else you may want to know about green smoothies, see Victoria Boutenko’s Green Smoothie Blog.


Relaxes mentally, as well as physically
Helps alleviate depression, nervousness, and anxiety
Offers a sense of renewal, self-control, and harmony

Green is the color of the Heart Chakra, also known as Anahata.

This chakra is located at the center of the chest area and is linked to the heart, lungs, circulatory system, cardiac plexus, and the complete chest area.

The Heart Chakra bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. Opening the Heart Chakra allows a person to love more, empathize, and feel compassion.

via Sensational Color

This must be why I love green so much.

Colour Resources

This should be another post, but since I’m here, and don’t know when to stop – check it out, have some fun with colour – enjoy!  🙂

Multicolr Search Lab – colour inspiration:  “extracted … from 10 million of the most “interesting” Creative Commons images on Flickr. Using our Piximilar visual search technology you can search the collection by colour.”

Color Scheme Designer


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