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They Draw and Cook

November 1, 2010

Combining two of my passions:  Art/Illustration and Food ~ yum! 🙂

Check out these, and many more, deliciously illustrated recipes at They Draw and Cook.  So many different and lively styles ~ can you see the happiness?  Hungry?

I am planning on submitting my own recipe soon:  Green Smoothie (of course!) – though there’s no `cooking’ involved – more “Paint and Blend” than “Draw and Cook” (and the `blend’ is in the processor not in the digital paint process, as already explained – no cheats 😉  Damn, I make it difficult.)

So far:  … an apple.


(digital pastel, Corel Painter, Wacom stylus & tablet)

Just a banana, mango and pineapple to go & greens, greens, greens, processor and water, and to combine them to look pretty and delicious.  (And not to forget my red & green digital paint practice challenge.  Ok, I’m off to paint some more now, and maybe drink another beer. 😛 )

[This was yesterday – obviously I forgot to click “Publish” (starts with a “p” like “Preview”).  It was a lazy day between the painting and the beer.]

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