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Alice ~ Paper Pop-Up & i-Pad

November 5, 2010

Well, as you know, I have a sideline passion for pop-up books (strictly speaking `moveable’ books, except:  shove over pedantry, I take a childish delight in the word “pop-up!“).

You’ve seen her on the bigscreen in 3D, the small screen in HD or just possibly, like me, on your PC monitor (my apologies to the genius of Tim Burton :-P).

Here’s Alice in Wonderland in paper 3D pop-up, by artist Robert Sabuda:

Sabuda’s books, ranging from classic children’s novel adaptations to educational non-fiction titles to ABC books all feature beautifully drawn illustrations in vibrant colors combined with innovative pop-up engineering. The books range from six to eight double-page spreads, each more than an inch thick in order to support all of the behind-the-scenes engineering which make the pop-ups engage correctly. In the center of each spread, a large pop-up springs from the gutter shooting out toward the reader, sometimes as far as seven or eight inches high, as if it were coming to life.

Children delight in the eye-popping effects, while the adults marvel at the feats of engineering and the uniqueness of the art itself. On his site, Sabuda says “I think pop-ups appeal to adults because it allows them to revert back to their childhood experiences with things that amaze them.

Hey, that sounds like me.  🙂

Image sources:

And an animated Alice for the iPad by Atomic Antelope – an animated adaptation of the classic tale that acts like a virtual pop-up book.  By means of the iPad’s accelerometer, you’re able to interact with elements of the illustration eg. swing around the White Rabbit’s pocket watch or make Alice grow or shake things about, altering gravity.


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