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Learning Hooping

November 11, 2010

I’ve been learning hooping and loving it!  😀

So far I can hoop on my waist, lift the hoop from my waist above my head in a lasso and down again or out and around my waist into either a “bow” or “helicopter” and back up, dropping into wasit.  I’m still learning the “vortex”:  up and down from waist to top and back down and up continuously, but getting there.  Thank goodness this waist to head thing is getting better because if you don’t grab the hoop early enough behind your back on the far side, you get stuck and twist your arm unnaturally.  Hooping makes me smile and laugh:  when I get it right and when I don’t.  🙂

Hooping on my hips is easy but I’m still finding it a challenge to keep it above my knees.  I realise knee-shin pads would be useful protective gear, because until I can maintain the spin above my knees, on the hoop’s gravity-driven bypass, my knees and shins are getting a bruising; sometimes my toes too!  Haha, it’s good exercise for the butt picking that hoop back up off the floor.

I’m also tackling the vertical step-through which is happening in fits and starts – still much getting stuck-ness.

And… I’ve just learned to hoop on my chest with consistency – whoop whoop!  The breakthrough was:  wearing my suede-ish waistcoat (furry on the inside) – very welcome padding!  Only, that the shimmy up is rather energy intensive at this stage and it gets rather hot.  😛  And today, I could do the arms in and out thing while chest hooping -yay!!!  Now to get it to stay up when both arms are in.

Translating poi-spinning type moves to hoop –  weaves, windmills, stalls, pendulums – has been quite easy.

I really love hooping – and it gets me off my ass and moving which is just awesome!  😀

o    This is one of the first hooping videos I saw:  so lovely!  ~  Safire, my inspiration    o

Safire Silhouette (2008)

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