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Nahoon Burn Sessions 2010: 2

November 12, 2010

Wind and Summer dance hand in hand.

All day the East wind blew.  Then it dropped:  a brief lull that was a false promise of a beautiful evening – abruptly swept away by the West!  On the beach it feels like the hair is being blown off one’s head.  So no firedancing on the dunes.  Instead we crammed into the narrow space of the deck of Footprints Cafe, marginally protected by side covers.   “Girlscout” 😉 Janine, ever prepared to please, AJ & I firedanced for the gathered group of silly people who braved the weather.  Kevin, Hayden & Pule drummed.  Wow, Pule, I just love your beats.  Pule is a professional dancer who has performed many times internationally (Please teach us!  Yes?  Cool!  😀  Venue?  Ok, we’re on it…).

Here are a few photos from last night.  As you can see the lighting is difficult, but you’ll get an idea of the space.

Photos:  WolfWorx Photography

Oops!  Sorry about those black marks on the ceiling.  Extensions were not really an option apparently.  😛


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