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Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party 3

November 17, 2010

I love my Wii game:  DDR:  Hottest Party 3! 🙂

~ a gift from my darling boyfriend Jean, last Christmas – Thanks!!!

DDR: Hottest Party 3 is a traditional music based rhythm game where players step to the beat on four arrows arranged on an included dance mat as their digital arrow counterparts ascend across the screen. The songs included in the game show either the original music video, or a selected in-game dancer on a bright coloured stage dancing along to the song.

One of the big fun factors that varies beyond the method of play is the music itself within the game.  Hottest Party 3 features roughly 50 songs, however only 30 songs are licensed tracks from major recording artists, the rest of the tracks are all original songs from the game which are usually very poppy techno songs. Granted the songs in the game vary a little, most songs are either modern pop songs like Rihanna or Lady Gaga, or 80’s tunes including the likes of Rick Astley.

Gaming Union

Starting on the Basic level one learns to follow the arrows, stepping on the beat when the ascending arrow matches the arrows at the top.  In the beginning the tricky part is matching one’s feet to the arrows on the mat without having to look down.  I’ve been dancing at the Difficult level which is super cool!  At first those arrows seem to fly up way to fast to follow but it’s such fun getting it right.  More complicated foot positions and rhythms become the challenge as songs progress.  The pace picks up when new tracks are unlocked, becoming ridiculously fast (140-190 BPM) – some of these techno type tracks still undo me.  😛  Haha.  I dance until my legs won’t respond fast enough anymore.

Phew!  A good workout!  🙂


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