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Sushi Sunday

November 17, 2010

Sweetheart friend and fellow firedancer, Janine, invited us to sushi-making at her house on Sunday – which was a perfect way to spend the afternoon after Saturday’s 3 fireshows.  Yay, sushi!!!  Abigail taught us how to make fashion sandwiches – fantastic!  thanks! – also why the maki rolls I’ve made in the past were too chubby.  😀  Speaking of which, next time I’m cutting the fashion sandwich triangles in half again – toooo big!    Ant prepared ingredients, supervised and cut sashimi. Kobus, Janine’s chef boyfriend, made salmon roses.  Everyone helped.  There was a LOT of sushi.  Of course, I ate way way too much – because it’s sushi! 🙂  Thanks Janine!  And Ant, Abi, Alicia, Katja, Kobus, France & Jean.

Flyer by Janine.  Photos: Janine, Jean & Ant.

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