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Natural Sun Protection & The Best Kind of Day

November 22, 2010

Saturday was the best kind of day.

We went to the beach, Glen Gariff on the East Coast, with our friend Hayden and his 5 year old daughter, Emily.  The weather was beautiful:  overcast and warm.  We ran and hooped and swam – the first swim in the sea this Summer – yay – a momentous date on my calender!  I packed a healthy and delicious lunch:  fresh, raw vegetables (baby marrow, young asparagus, baby carrots, red and yellow pepper) to dip in peanut satay sauce – yum! with vienna rye rolls and salad (mizuna and coriander leaves, spring onions and olive oil), crisp, green Granny Smith apples – my favourite kind – and of course, beer.  😉

Late afternoon, back home, I practised hooping in the garden, still hooping through a late afternoon shower – so refreshing in the warm air.

It is easy to burn in this kind of weather so I cut an  aloe vera leaf from the garden for some post-sun skin care – as fresh and pure as you can get.  Aloe vera has natural sun-protection properties and is an excellent moisturiser, cooling and healing sunburn.  Cut a leaf, slice off the spiny edge, cut the leaf in half separating the top and bottom surfaces, then cut into pieces.  Rub the gel oozing from the cut surface into your skin.  It’s a bit sticky and gooey but give it a moment and your skin sucks it in – mmm… cool, smooth, just lovely natural green goodness.  🙂

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