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Tea Tree ~ So Fluffy! (apart from other useful uses)

November 23, 2010

Our Tea Tree (Melaleuca) is a few years old now and I had no idea it would grow bigger than a bush (Tea “Tree” might have been a hint).  The first year it blossomed, I was amazed – I had never seen a tea tree, never mind it’s flowers, before.

Sunday night we watched Despicable Me and now all I have in my head when I think of the tea tree’s flowers is little Agnes, hugging her newly acquired plushie Unicorn, yelling, “It’s so Fluffy!!!” Haha, I love that bit!  That said, here are some pics of our tea tree’s ridiculously fluffy flowers:

Bees and beetles love foraging in the fluff.  Can you spot a bee in the second last pic on the left?

Apart from fluffiness, we use the Tea Tree to make tea – especially good when combined with any combination of rosemary, mint, chocolate mint, cinnamon basil, lemon grass and or lemon verbena – mmm… good!

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