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Making Minions

November 24, 2010

This is how I get side-tracked on the net.  I was looking for a link to the movie, Despicable Me, for my previous post and once at the official site… began making minions.  😀  Haha – fun!

You can make your own minions, too, here.

Vuvuzela!  Ayoba!  🙂

In other news, painting has been slow since injuring my right arm hooping.  On the other hand 🙂 my left hand/arm has learnt to lift and drop the hoop continously (vortex) and doing a better job of it than the right.  Yay!  Hooping!  As with poi, as one progresses the hoop becomes lighter and begins to feel as if it floats.  I love it!  I’m supposed to be rehearsing for a fire poi show on Saturday (and two on Thursday) and find myself hooping, mostly, instead.   I did teach an hour poi class yesterday evening and then practised poi inbetween hooping and practised tunneling (combining poi patterns, one dancer in front of the other) with Jean.  More poi practice today!

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