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3D Holographic Print

December 12, 2010

This 3D holographic print by Zebra Imaging is fantastic.  I’m blown away by the quality – wow! – the future of graphic representation and information visualisation.  🙂

From their site:

With Zebra Imaging ZScape™ 3D digital holographic prints you can now analyze information from every dimension. Use your own digital data sources to create rich, realistic images that enhance collaboration and bring your ideas to life.

Notes to the You tube video post:

This is a color hologram we created with data from Google Sketchup. The model is of downtown Seattle. The building heights in this hologram get up to about 10 inches.

The cool thing is that the 3D data really is there. You can actually take a tape measure and measure where the light focuses above the plane.  The panel refracts light and focuses it in space, on the print itself, and inside the print.

… no glasses or augmented reality involved with this technology.  It actually looks better in person.  The panel is covered with thousands of holographic elements and contains over 360,000 rendered 3D images in it.

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