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Computer Controlled Amazing Grace Techno Christmas Lights

December 25, 2010

Wow!  When I first watched this clip, as the techno remix kicked in, I nearly fell off my chair laughing so much at the unexpectedness of it and when the house seemed to bounce up and down I was nearly undone!  😀

Then I watched and watched it again, loving colour & light as I do.  Spectacular – and I don’t even do Christmas – apart from beer for breakfast.  🙂

Richard Holdman, Holdman Lighting, used 150 000 lights, software and hardware from Light-O-Rama, 215 channels and an FM transmitter to play the music on the visitors car stereo.  How long did this all take?

For the 2007 season I spent about 250 hours or so designing the display, making the leaping arches, programing the display, etc.  In 2008 and 2009 it took about 100 man hours to just wrap all the trees.

And apparently it’s all wind-powered.

It’s true! The display is 100% wind powered. What I do is use power provided by my local power company, and then replace the power I use for my Christmas Display back onto the grid with Wind Turbines. For all the details you can visit – My display uses about 1800kwh and I have about 3000kwh replaced on the power grid.

More videos here. Some how-to’s here.

Hope you’ve having a splendid day! XXX

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