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Fire Hero

January 8, 2011

One of the wonderful things about Facebook is the many fire friends who post cool links of people doing incredible things.  🙂  Here, via Ingmar Zechmann, is Fire Hero, a project by talented Chris Marion, “a high school student routinely doing incredible projects on his own time and trying to change the world for the better”.  Awesome!

If it is your plan to rock 2011, as it is mine, consider yourself saluted!

The story of FireHero:

So, long ago I  had read about propane fire poofers. They’re pretty cool… I mean, who doesn’t love fire?!  But, no matter how awesome, they could get pretty boring after a while of seeing the same large fireball. I never built one because I wanted something that would be exciting and thrilling every time I fired it up.  So, I put the project on hold until I could come up with an awesome idea.  About 2 weeks ago, I was daydreaming in class about who knows what, when I thought of my fire poofer project. …  I tried to think of ways I could apply a fireball shooter to things in ways that would be pretty awesome. I thought of using a microcontroller to sync the fire to the beat of music – now that would be pretty cool, and the patterns would always be different, so it wouldn’t get as boring as fast.  Then I thought of the game Guitar Hero, which uses five frets, and I had my idea!  Simply interface a Guitar Hero controller to a microcontroller that would power some relays which would in turn fire off solenoid valves on five individual fire poofers! Now this could be cool; a large fire “sculpture” that is playable by anybody.

To read more about how he achieved this, see here.  Thanks Chris for making the world a better place! 🙂

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