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My Hooping Obsession

January 10, 2011

I’ve made 5 new hoops & I love them!  We have different types of pipes here in South Africa compared to the States or UK and so I’ve had to experiment.  My original hoop is big, heavier and fantastic for on-body hooping.  It’s made from polycop plumbing.  It’s the red hoop.  Then I found a composite type hot water pipe that’s aluminium on the outside with plastic interior wall.  It feels great.  It’s a bit lighter with a smaller pipe diameter and feels good in my hand.  That’s the white one.  The slight drawback is I have to bend it back into shape if it hits the ground hard.  Then I had a roll of HTTP pipe which was too flexible for bigger hoops but works fine for the smaller hoops and being lighter is easier on the wrist for poi-translated moves.  And I can stack them (next time’s story).  I had a small piece left so there is also a baby hoop which has a different feel.  That’s the black and red stripey hoop.  I alternate between these different sizes and weights and am having so much fun!  I can honsetly say I am happily hooping obsessed.  🙂
How to Make a Hoop coming soon.

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  1. Anita permalink
    March 23, 2011 8:26 am good to read & see pictures of you….please join the south africa group on…would love to find out more detail about you & where are you based …



  1. | Blog | Vanessa Fire: My Hooping Obsession

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