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The Meaning of Flow

January 24, 2011

Flowtoys,  manufacturer of our awesome LED poi & other very pretty LED flow arts equipment, recently ran a competition:  “what does Flow mean to you?”.

***flowtoys video competition for an ultimate flowkit***

Flow! What does flow mean to you? We’d like to hear about it. How you got into the flow arts, what it’s done for your life, your favorite moment of flow… anything that is inspiring and meaningful about flow as it relates to you and “flow toys”… sorry snowboarding, surfing, driving, writing and cooking don’t count this time.

We are specifically looking for words, not footage of flow – that will be a different competition 🙂

Be yourself! We’d love to see you simply talking into the camera, or experience your written word or voiceover on original artistic video content of any kind. You can show actual spinning or visual representations of flow arts in your video, but we are most interested in what you have to say, and how well it comes across. We will not be giving extra points for flow-arts footage, but it won’t hurt either, especially if it ties in nicely with your description.

We will accept video submissions in any language, including sign language or other forms of expression, as long as your submission can be experienced in English, for example translated into English subtitles.

The winning entry will receive an Ultimate Flowkit!

Here’s the winning entry (Mark Husted):

Living in the present moment ~ absolutely!

And here’s another entry I enjoyed too (Richard Hartnell):

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