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When Movement Art looks Magical

February 18, 2011

Holy Crap!

Hungover after a perfect evening of firedancing and drumming on the beach last night (it was beautiful!) – having followed a video link on Facebook posted by one of my many movement arts friends (I love that about fb!) – I am sitting here with these eloquently inadequate words reverberating in my head:  “H o l y  C r a p!”

It took a while to track down his name, this master of object manipulation – Okotanpe:  one of the world’s best contact jugglers. 

Contact juggling  is a movement art form in which the balls (usually clear acrylic or crystal) are kept in constant contact with the body, manipulated in ways apparently effortless, seemingly mysterious, creating optical illusions that appear magical, defying the substance and weight of the spheres – when performed, as in this case, with excellence.  Common comments found in my search for more information about Okotanpe (Mr Fuse) are along the lines of:  “Okotanpe is mind-blowing!”, “contact juggling god, Mr Fuse”… you get the idea.  In this clip by National Geographic, he calls his art, “part magic act, part mime, part standard juggling”. 

In this performance he manipulates multi-balls, a single sphere and isolation batons.  It is all incredible.  His point isolation of the metal batons is… well (forgive me for not straining my hungover brain to find an alternate, more creative expression):  simply mind-blowing.  😀

See for yourself.

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  1. February 23, 2011 7:18 am

    His precision is incredible.. I loved to watch it a second time and only watch his hands.. pin-point, pin-point precision.

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