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First Burn ~ Blaze Beginners

March 10, 2011

Blaze Firedancing / Poi School

My current Beginners  class is the sweetest, keenest, fastest group I have ever taught!  Look at these happy, smiling faces (left to right):  Jo-Ann, Megan W,  me, Sue-Ann, Karinne,  Megan D, Stef (Kasandra had already left) and Kiba (aka `Fire Dog’ ~ she manages to photo bomb most firedancing pics and videos).

Wow, these girls are on fire!

Their happiness, enthusiasm, consistency of attendance & evident practice make them a pleasure to teach.  🙂

This Monday was their sixth poi class and I’d said they could light up with fire poi.  They arrived super excited and during the flow session I could tell they’d been practising.  At the end of the class I taught them about fire poi equipment, fuel, procedures and safety.

Their First Burn was fantastic ~ every one did so well!  I am so proud. 😀  Happy faces lit up by spinning flames, big smiles and shiny eyes; vocal appreciation of each others’ achievements, pride in their own ~ just lovely.

Photos by Estafanio Romero (Stef).

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