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Music~Movement Treasure

May 10, 2011

I’ve been quiet on the blogging front since starting my new job ~ away from my home (and my PC! 😮 ) the whole day, imagine!  Haha!  😀    It’s all good (and more about that soon… – ish).

In the meantime, my perfect post must be this:  music-movement treasure!

The best thing (one of) about good friends is the way in which they enrich your life with their experience and perspective in their particular ways.  I arrived home on Friday from work to find our DJ friend, Paul Chaves (Chavez) visiting.  We haven’t seen him for weeks and he came with music and music videos and videos and nachos snacks.  Yay!  So I have to share my joy:  music and prettiness for you to enjoy too.

First, a Fat By Slim track ~  I love that his feel-good, happy personality translates to happy, good-to-listen-and-move-to tunes ~ PLUS PLUS it’s a hooping video ~ awesome!

Fatboy Slim – That Old Pair of Jeans

And I love, love, love this track and video – the rhythms, colours, concept, dancing, humour ~ extra awesome!

Basement Jaxx – Take Me Back To Your House

And for pure fun, bassy beats and big smiles…

Mr Oizo – Flat Beat

Amongst some others, these have have been on a repeat playlist since.  Hope you enjoy too.  🙂  XXX

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