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Beautiful Sky Billionaires

June 16, 2011

Wow, we are so rich in beautiful skies!

Even though I’ve exercised unusual restraint in choosing which to share with you, still this post is a glut of skies ~ as viewed from our front door.  None of these photos has been manipulated in any way.  Enjoy!  🙂


Panorama ~

~ pink-streaked  Spring sky.

Clouds of gold, of gods ~ a biblical sky.

Gold & silver linings.

Blue sky enough to make a sailor a pair of pants.

V for me.


Red sky at night, our delight.

Summer sun sets southerly.

God-rays, different days.

A soft, cuddly, teased cotton wool sunset.

Cold, curly clouds.

More gold.

Pick a colour, any colour.

Shades of grey.

Blur of blue.

Cloud creatures.
Watch out, small cloud!  Big cloud monster coming in from the left!

Run, run, small cloud!  Nom, nom!

Crouching cloud.  Or hand-held mushroom cloud.  Or something like that.

Rearing cloud.

Really, it’s hard to know when to stop, haha…  Some more from the back door ~

Cloud birds.

Horned cloud.

There is just so much sky ~ which is lucky for me since sky is one of my favourite things.  😀
Totally not random:

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