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Hooping ~ Morgan Bay Cliffs

June 21, 2011

The tall green hill-cliffs of Morgan Bay are the precursor to the glorious green hills and cliffs of the Transkei / Wild Coast just across the Kei River.  I love!

We arrived early on a Saturday, my main cohorts, Hayden (our neighbour, friend and road trip partner #1 on the right), Jean (the love of my life and journey-mate for the very present present) and I.

The “boys” and their cameras.

I always take spare hoops because invariably someone else wants to play too.  Spontaneous, informal lessons follow.  And Jean practices poi.

Aren’t the colours so pretty?

Our friend, Brent, was amongst the hooping converts.  Haha, you must watch the short clip of his first attempts.  😀  Priceless!

Music:  Die Antwoord, “Beat Boy”.

Jean does his “Ok, I’ll pose with my girlfriend and look sweet and loving thing.”  He did try.  😀

Isn’t our world wonderful?

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