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Blaze Firedancing School

Blaze Firedancing / Poi School arose out of our passion for poi & the Summers on Nahoon Beach on Thursday evenings where people saw what we do & asked us if they could try & if we’d teach them to spin poi & firedance too.  We are happy to share what we have learned ourselves.  🙂

Students come to us be taught how to firedance.  In the process they learn more than the movements, the co-ordination of the body.  They learn co-ordination between left & right brain, balance of analysis, intuition & body memory, flow, confidence, the peace that stems from a quiet mind, to laugh, make friends & have fun.  They sign up for an 8 week Beginner course & linger longer – in fact we never really get rid of them. 😀  They contribute enthusiasm, their own peculiarly individual challenges, a refinement of our teaching methods & enduring friendships.  We teach because we love poi, we love to share what we learn & to learn through the teaching.

Course outlines

  • Beginners: pendulums, circles, cross-overs, weaves, buzzsaw, butterfly, corkscrew, windmill, reels – all with variations & extensions; turning through 360 degrees left & right, low & high turns, chasing the Sun; transitions between the moves; all moves forward & backward, clockwise & anti-clockwise, inward & outward, same & opposite direction, same & split time as relevant; pattern recognition; flow; fire practice & safety.
  • Intermediate: extensions, compound circles, normal (in-spin) flowers, anti-spin flowers, isolations, CAPS, hybrids – all variations & combinations & more.  The extent of the course is determined by the extent of the students’ interest.

Click on images to link to:

  • A Checklist of Beginner moves
  • “Chasing the Sun” poster
  • Beginner moves poster

  • Extensions ~ Compound Circles poster
  • Compound Circles ~ Normal Flowers workshop lesson plan
  • Compound Circles ~ Normal Flowers poster
  • Poi Chi poster
  • Two 2-Petal Flower drills
  • There Are Two Ways to Get From Point A to Point B poster
  • Triquetra poster
  • Normal Flowers animation
  • Anti-Spin Flower animation

Equipment, Procedure & Safety

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